Getting Excited about an Upcoming Trip to Oregon

In a few months time I’ll be leeeeeeeaviiiing on a jet plaaaaane.. bound for Oregon.
And I must admit: I’m super-excited. Already. Yes I know, it’s not like I’m getting on that Boeing 747 in a few days time, but these days, I catch myself wondering about all the exciting things we’re gonna do, see the mountains, the trails, the fish hatchery, eat some good food…

The Plane Ride
We booked with Air New Zealand. My boyfriend, Sam, was NOT willing to negotiate on this part and really wanted to go with these guys. He’s always gone with them in the past and has had great experiences with them. I, personally, am simply hoping they have a great in-flight entertainment system. I don’t have an iPad or tablet or slim laptop (my one’s fat) to take with me. So I must rely on the goodness of Air NZ to entertain me for 12 hours. I can never sleep on planes, even on long flights. So they better get this part right.

But then what sucks about long plane rides? For me that’s easy peasy. The fact that not only can I never sleep, I also catch myself dozing off, jerking my head awake again, thinking that surely a few hours at least has passed and that we are much closer to our destination, then look at my watch to see it’s been TWO WHOLE MINUTES. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

I love listening to foreign accents. And what better way to experience that than to go to another country. But as we travel to the US, we won’t only hear the American accent, but also heaps of others while we’re on the plane and in the airport.

One them that I am dreading though is having to repeat myself heaps when I’m in the US. I’ve been there 3x already (most recent time was 7 years ago), and I remember having to repeat myself heaps because apparently the New Zealand accent sounds like a bunch of mumbling.

Foreign Food
Simply put, I love the fact that my palate is now exposed to another world. Why hello, Taco Bell, Pop Tarts, Pink Lemonade and Combos.

I also LOVE going to foreign supermarkets. To be honest, it’s not like I buy lots of stuff in supermarkets while I travel- but I do like just scanning the brands and comparing them to what we have in NZ. Oh and getting excited when I see Anchor milk or Anchor butter overseas. It’s the only NZ food brand I have seen in EVERY country.