Food, Food and More Food

Its massive presence in the workplace

This post is actually a bit of a rant on how much food there is available.. ready to eat at work. And on that note, not particularly healthy food at that.

A few months ago I read an article in Harvard Business Review called Should You Eat While You Negotiate?. I then proceeded to try and convince my test manager that we have meetings and eat during them- even though technically we’re not doing business negotiations in our team meetings, we are doing some negotiations. Unfortunately, I was unable to convince him- but I guess we do sometimes bring in starbursts into our team meetings 🙂

 You know those days where there’s constantly yummy food at the office? Ya know, it’s someone’s birthday so you all bring something for morning tea. Or.. someone just joined your team and you want to welcome them by going out for lunch. It’s funny, food is a great way to celebrate, welcome people AND say ‘laterz’ when they move on to another company/project.

Well, today was one of those days. However, there was no particular reason why our centre set of drawers (that acts as a table for communal food) was full of sweet food the whole day.

First off, our manager brought in muffins and cupcakes from the New World bakery (and I must say, the New World bakery is pretty freakin good, can hold its own against a lot of bakeries I know). Then we had a meeting with one of the architects from the business who brought HEAPS of chocolate fish (I saw the bag, it was at least a kg), and we were told to bring a bowl back to our desks. Oh and we had Cadbury Top Deck chocolate too.

Flippin heck, I tried to resist by drinking lots of green tea and going for a run at lunch- so I suppose that helped. But it does make me want to try and bring something yummy but a bit healthier to share at work. Rice crackers and hummus perhaps?