Join Weekend Testing Americas on Saturday April 6th at 12pm CST for a special session with Chris McMahon from the Wikipedia test team. This session will focus on testing new features in the wikipedia product designed to enhance the user experience for new users. A secondary goal of this session will be to spend time having a public discussion about how wikipedia pages on software testin can be improved.

Here are some of the pages to consider for this discussion:

Test charters for the weekend testing sessions can be found here:
Test charter for session

Wikipedia uses radically open software and a community of testers to test a product used across the globe. Not only are the tools open source, but the implementation is completely open as well, from the source code to the Jenkins configuration to the real-time test results. Anyone may contribute by performing exploratory testing, analyzing test failures, adding scenarios to be tested, to writing code.

Here are some links of interest for participants:
Wikimedia feature testing
Wikimedia weekly testing goals
Wikipedia software deployments
Wikipedia mail list

As usual, to join the session send a message to weekendtestingamericas on skype just prior to the session.