Why I love having 2 screens at work

Oh 2 screens, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

You may think that this quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is a wee bit over the top to describe my love of 2 screens. But let me tell you this. It’s great to work in my role with that extra screen to make testing that much more convenient (and let’s be honest: easier.)

But to start off with, let me recount my experience on life WITHOUT an extra screen as a test analyst. I REALLY hated it. I saw other test analysts with 2 screens. I looked at them with envy. I’d ask my test lead, why don’t I have an extra screen? 🙁 He then told me this was his first project with an extra screen. Flippin heck. I couldn’t believe that man. It’s so much quicker to test with an extra screen- why would you disturb efficiency by limiting someone to one measly screen?!

About 3 months into my project, I came into work and a computer with TWO screens was waiting for me.

Shit yeah girl. That’s what I’m talking about.

I was now able to run tests on the testing tool AND test the system that was yet to be released on 2 different screens. No longer was there a need to squish both of them up on the same screen and use the darn horizontal scroller. I was now able to execute more test cases in a shorter space of time because of the addition of the extra screen.

Another reason why I love having an extra screen is being able to use one screen to go over a Design Spec and use the other screen to look up the definitions of terminalogy I was unfamiliar with. Some people are happy to flick back and forth between 2< screens. But I’m not a member of that club.

Oh and on a side note: it’s pretty cool having your 2 screens be “facing the opposite direction” If you press Ctrl + Alt + (down arrow) then your first screen will turn upside down and the second screen will stay the same. (I know I know.. it’s a bit silly but it is entertaining nevertheless)