This is an abnormal post, but then again, I’m not sure what constitutes a “normal” post on this blog any longer. With that out of the way…

I work with a small team of Software Testing professionals at Socialtext. At the moment, we are:
  • One Quality Assurance Director (and our director tests alongside us)
  • Two Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineers, with a combination of skills (Linux, Windows, Exploratory, Automation, Full Stack, Compliance, etc.)
We are looking to add another Software Tester / Quality Assurance Engineer to our team.  Below is the “official” job posting that we are putting out. If it looks atypical, that’s because it is. Our Quality Director isn’t looking for mythical creatures based on marketing hype. Instead, we are looking for real people with real experience and real understanding of the problems that software testers actually face. More specifically, we are looking for someone that would be interested in helping us augment our testing coverage in automation, performance testing and security testing. 
In short, if you are interested in talking to me, and to our team, feel free to leave me a comment below, or email me directly at mkltesthead at gmail dot com.

Job description at Socialtext (or just see below 😉 )

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Socialtext, Inc.
As a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, your primary responsibility will be to create, deploy, and operate the automated test systems used to validate the functional correctness and performance capabilities of Socialtext applications, infrastructure, and third party integrations. 
You will use these systems to create acceptance and regression test suites. You will work closely with product management and development teams to develop domain expertise, understand customer issues, assess risk, set automation priorities, and define and verify acceptance tests. 
You will also modernize and improve our integration, API, functional, mobile, and end-to-end test capability and coverage.
We are also seeking an individual with an understanding of and experience with security and performance testing of consumer web applications.
Responsibilities Include:
  • Write, execute, and monitor automated tests during the development process.
  • Regression test integration and maintenance in Continuous Integration and Frequent Delivery processes.
  • Develop expertise in deploying and testing enterprise third party integration with systems like Active Directory, LDAP, SSO, SharePoint, Salesforce, and future enterprise integrations.
  • Analyze and decompose software systems and design appropriate test strategies.
  • Discuss requirements and participate in agile story generation with an emphasis on story completeness and test automation strategy.
  • Define story tests and perform exploratory acceptance testing in a story/Behavior Driven Development agile process.
  • Define and execute security and performance testing architecture and implementation.
  • Assist Customer Support and Sales Engineers with difficult problems they cannot resolve.
  • Proactively bring issues and problems to the attention of Engineering management; generate and propose solutions.


  • Dedicated QA Engineer, not application developer hopeful.
  • Dedicated to test automation and use of automation to minimize manual testing.
  • Demonstrable expertise in Selenium/WebDriver and open source test automation frameworks.
  • Ability to write effective and reliable test automation scripts from story/BDD specifications.
  • Using deep knowledge of the application suite, ability to define and verify acceptance tests for new and revised application features.
  • Familiarity with the underlying architecture of multi-tiered browser-based applications is required, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Linux operating systems, Perl, SQL databases, networking, HTTP/HTTPS protocols, and web browser capabilities and differences.
  • Pluses: experience with agile software development, mobile testing, ReST. Ability to refactor, extend, and maintain Socialtext test automation frameworks, currently written in Perl.

Company Description

Located in Palo Alto, California, and established in 2002, Socialtext was the first company to deliver social software to businesses and now provides a complete social software platform and integrated suite of social applications. Recently acquired by private equity firm Bedford Funding, Socialtext is looking to rapidly expand its development capabilities. Bedford provides competitive salary and benefits packages.