It’s a non-stop adrenalin headrush, my day. Meetings, test plans, reports, estimates, scheduling, reviews, interviews, kicking Dev, occasionally getting to do a bit of testing and, oh yes, condiments. Piccalilli is how this one started. I had it on my sandwiches and so we got talking and about spices and pickles and curried fish and later onto Indian food for breakfast.

At which point I remembered how, as a young man, I’d had my parochial view of the opening meal of the day exploded on my first visit to the States by a friend I was staying with suggesting we get dim sum for breakfast.

Dim sum for breakfast? Was that even a thing? Could you really eat Chinese food in the morning? No, but really? Really really? It appeared you could. And we did. And suddenly there was a world of opportunity beyond toast, fry-up, cereals, and a mug of strong tea. And it was available to me at the cost of merely opening my eyes and mind.

How much of what we do do we do just because that’s how we do what we do?