One more year passes by…

There are New Year resolutions every year and I had them at the start of 2012 as well. And I am very happy to have achieved some of them. More importantly, I’m really proud to have achieved the following:

  • Successfully completing the BBST Foundations and
  • Attending the RST workshop from James Bach
  • Attending the TestED 2012 Conference

Although I am really happy to see that my blog has readers from 69 countries in the world, has got nearly 2000 views in 2012 (information from the WordPress Year End Statistics), I am not really satisfied with my blogging consistency in the past year, as I’ve written very few posts. I need to correct it this year!

This year also there are resolutions, but I won’t be talking about them – I keep them to myself and try to achieve them. 🙂

Here’s wishing all my readers a great year ahead, with lots of learning and happy testing! Enjoy!