The Dev Manager has just sent round a rough timetable for a couple of upcoming projects. In it, for the first time, he’s labelled two major phases as Dev-led and QA-led.  Now, I like to give some rein to my subconscious, to not necessarily put first impressions last and to let reflex guide reflection as much as the next tester. But when my initial reading is of two unsavoury-sounding blocks of time in which it’s predicted that the software will be devilled and we’ll discover that the team quailed, I start to get scared.

Freeing your mind to find those test ideas is fine, but when it, unbidden, throws you suggestions like these you should look carefully at your starting mindset. Which is why I’m resolving not to eat an entire box of chocolates before trying to catch up on email from home in the holidays. For 12 months, at least.

Happy New Year.