It’s been a nostalgic week for me as I’m finishing up my time at Daxko today. (Case in point, I’m wearing this year’s bight purple Kickoff shirt as I type this.)

I’ll miss finding you on Twitter, displacing the printer, walks to Taco Mac, counting down my check-ins, dueling LifeSize remotes, commit message mentions, dangerous Centurion helmets, Plank A Day Nation pix, 2 drink tickets, the gangsta Ashoka Scrum-board avatar, mysterious moustaches, Monster-fueled afternoon shenanigans, Keep Calm and…, Portal references,  being kind of a disaster, Hackathons, a closet full of branded T-shirts, sticky notes everywhere, launch party, singing on the patio until we shut down the restaurant, winning The Go Game, the quote of the day, attempting Cajun accents, the Women of SWE, surprise attacks by Angry Birds, Family Lunch indecision, punchy road-trip conversations, Whirlyball, batting long eyelashes, last-minute costuming, musical parodies, calling dibs on the napping couch after family lunch – we love free food! – and most of all the people. (Special shout out to my Atlanta crew! I’ll follow you to whatever end.)

I expect to see some ridiculousness coming out of next month’s talent show, so make it count, people!

So Long and Thanks for ALL THE THINGS!

“Now, bring me that horizon.”