I’m wrapping up 91 days on the road. I’ve taught around Europe, become a mostly-vegetarian, lost 23 pounds, and now I’m doing my last day in India.

India. OMG. I have never had such a thunderous reception. I was here nine years ago, taught two classes, and learned that Indians can be fantastic testers– if only they would wake themselves up to do it. Since then, hundreds of them have begun to do that.

Last time I visited Mindtree, I taught my class to a skeptical audience with good potential, then I went home. This time I met with the CEO and COO, spoke to a forum of 250 testers, did a three-camera interview, dined with their managers while monkeys (real, literal monkeys, not bad testers) screeched and cavorted nearby.

I visited Moolya, the hottest new test lab anywhere, and brought their work to a halt while they presented their projects for my review. I spent most of a week coaching their head of training, Parimala, about whom I have blogged before.

I taught at Intel, which was more receptive than I expected they would be.

I’m wrapping up at Barclays, in Pune, which is veritably vibrating with creative intelligence, ready to break free. Keith Klain and his head of training Leah Stockley are responsible for making that happen.

India may be the new garden of the skilled testing revolution. Behold the harvest.

I’ll write a more detailed report for Tea Time with Testers. Stay tuned.