Even though I have 14 years experience in the Software Testing world, only in the last 2 years have I really started to question the methods & approach I had been using. 
I was managing the testing for a new customer-facing financial transaction website; clearly quality was of utmost importance, however the project team did not see the value of working closely with the testing team. This brought the realisation that, without the ability to perform a personality transplant on the Development team, its actually us Testers who need to change; change the way we communicate with the team and change the mindset that testers are the ‘hurdle to be jumped’ before go-live. 
So I started to google and investigate what other testers in the industry were doing… and was amazed and inspired by the wealth of information I found.
My role has since changed… I became so passionate about the success I achieved by my change in attitude that my company made it my full time job to inspire the rest of our testers; inspire them to innovate, try new techniques, to collaborate with and learn from each other… and ultimately to earn credibility and respect from the rest of the team because of the value they add to their projects.
So I’m setting up this blog to share my experiences, and would love to hear from you if you are making, or want to make, changes to improve the way you test too.