We all fly in the airplanes. Some of us fly more than others. I fly almost every few days or months. Be honest, tell me how many times you thought how these most beautiful machines, which are hundreds of times heavier than air, fly in the air or communicate with the base on ground even when they are thousands of feet above ground?

Not only that, did you ever think how these machines and their communications systems are tested? Let me tell you one thing, knowing an aircraft’s internal designs and also knowing how it get tested is really very interesting. Even the most basic type of aircraft’s design are very complex. The larger and more advance an aircraft is, the more complicated it is to understand the architecture or design. 

Anyways, we are not really discussing the complexities of internal designs of an aircraft here. We are more interested in knowing:

1. How airplanes connect to ground
2. How aircraft communication systems are tested
3. What are the software that are used on airplanes
4. How these software are tested
5. What qualifies the testing on airplanes
6. Do we need to worry next time we fly whether software has been tested properly or not

All the questions I have listed above are the questions that people ask me. I cannot really answer all of them right here because each one of them requires a really long explanation. Let me write it down for you. In the next few days I will be adding more on the same interesting subject. 

Stay tuned..