On November 06, I posted on this blog about the upcoming AST testing event in Hong Kong:

I am pleased to inform that AST has agreed to sponsor the second Context-Driven Peer Conference for Hong Kong’s Testing community. I will be adding more details soon about the format, date and venue of this event.

The topic of the conference is Best Practices v/s Context-Driven Practices.

If you wish to be part of this peer conferecne, please reply with a message to me.  Let us know if you align yourself with the Context-Driven Testing approach/school. Also provide details of your contribution to Testing Community.

Please note that this conference is invitation only. So the better your message is, the more changes of you to be invited.

Stay Tuned for further information!

I saw Matt’s email about AST Grant when I was on vacations in Sydney late in October. I was glad that AST had sponsored another tetsing event for Hong Kong’s testing community in 2012 and this should be counted as an achievement. I posted the event details on various forums including LinkedIn & Twitter hoping that people will swamp my inbox with requests. They did! But I was hoping that I will get quality requests. Requests from thinking testers; from people who love testing and are enthusiastic about its advancement as a practice. People like us who are reading this post. But the requests that I have received are from ‘Business Development Managers’ of so-called testing body-shops who keep smelling for networking opportunities with anyone who is a part of senior management group and might throw a piece of meat at them so that they can get few more contractors to fit in as ‘test managers with X amount of years of experience in test management with world’s finest company with ISTQB Foundation and intermediate and Management certificates’. Hang on dude, tell me if this guy has any understanding of context-driven testing? Can he stand up and get challenged for his views on testing by a group of us? Possibly no!
Then I don’t need these people neither as employees nor as attendees at my Testing Event. I would rather postpone the event than accepting requests from “ISTQB certified Test Manager with X amount of years of experience in test management”.

My biggest challenge in Hong Kong has been finding people who are enthusiastic about technology, especially testing. Hong Kongers love /using/ technology. They like to spend money on gadgets. They like to buy the latest iPhones and Samsung galaxys and ipad minis; but they do not want to stop and think about anything more. They just play games on them and watch Gungnam style dance. That’s it!

Not even a single sincere tester! Not a single thinking tester. 🙁

You might say this is an opportunity. Yeah, I guessed so! But in truth, this is the biggest challenge for me today. Sigh!!