This post is just for the fun of it today :)!

Sidereel is hiring. Specifically, we are looking for Full Stack Rails Developers, Front End Developers, DevOps people, and also content curation specialists (a Sidereel Content Editor, basically).

There are two faces to what we do. First is the website itself, which is where you can search for television shows, watch episodes, and track what you have watched so you can be alerted when new episodes and shows appear. Making sure that new features and the everyday functionality of the site works, and trying to find creative ways to discover areas that need improvement, that’s my job :)!

Another aspect to Sidereel is the original content that we produce. In addition to having it be embedded in our primary site, we also have an aggregation of our original content on This contains news, gossip, previews, personal takes, interviews, and spoof/parody content. Some of our parody content in the past has been such things as making a Fast Fave music video (“Trunk of My Soul“), a sock puppet version of Jersey Shore called, appropriately enough, Jersey Sox, and we also did a parody on the Office meets True Blood called “Fang in there Bro“.

It was the unexpected success of the “FitB” series that made us decided that we’d make our call out to the development community that we’re hiring in a more, well, unique way. The net result is our short film “Working at SideReel: Definitely Worth the Blood Loss“. We think it’s funny, and we had fun making it, so here, for posterity’s sake, is Sidereel’s “Vampair” approach to Agile and programming. Enjoy!!!