Back during Test Coach Camp 2012, Michael Larsen made some great recordings of our open space sessions. Subsequently, he published Ken Pier‘s session topic E vs A – Huh? under the title Exploratory vs. Automation in the TWiST podcast feed.

I had fun explaining our testing team’s approach to exploratory testing and automation while learning from some helpful members of the testing community, including Cem Kaner, Doug Hoffman, Matt Barcomb, Phil McNeely, and Michael Larsen.

Check it out!

You can stream these podcasts online or download after registering for the Software Test Professionals’ website, and membership is free.

Here are the direct links (once you log in):

Exploratory vs. Automation, Part 1
Exploratory vs. Automation, Part 2

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(P.S. I can’t resist reading this article that pointed me to the image: The Semiotics of Hello Dolly!)