Much has happened since my last little missive.  It seems I’ve been busy, even by my own standards.

I recently wrapped up assisting with another installment of AST’s BBST® (yeah, its now a registered trademark of Kaner Fiedler & Associates LLC) Foundations course.  There were a PILE of students in this instance.  Like many times, there were some students who were really well prepared and willing to dive into the exercises, and there were some who were less prepared. Or maybe less willing to participate.  Either way, the results were the same.  The result was some did really well, some had a harder time.

Oh.  I also wrote two presentations, facilitated a local tester meeting, presented one of the presentations at the local tester meeting and dealt with a whole stack of goodies at house stuff and garden stuff and life stuff.  Garden stuff?  Yeah.  Its August – now September.  We have more tomatoes and peppers and … stuff coming in from the garden than I can remember seeing.  Oh.  Potatoes.  We’ll be harvesting them soon.  It is crazy how much stuff we have coming in.  And general tending and watering and keeping the lawn mowed and all the normal family/household activities.

I’m also getting ready for a really, REALLY busy couple of months.  In October, I’ll be attending and participating at PNSQC in Portland, Oregon. I’ll be hanging out with some cool folks and learning an sharing there.  And then, just as I’m about  In November, I’ll be at Agile Testing Days in Potsdam, Germany.

In the midst of this, I resigned my position with the company I  worked for.  I became an independent consultant.  I entered into a contract with a local company that was looking for a little help.  With this, one has all the joys of starting a new job (no matter how cool or how much fun the gig is, there is still a moderate amount of strain) and starting a new business while trying to keep your feet on the ground.  Oh yeah!

So, when the paperwork is finalized, I’ll be excitedly announcing a new business name.  It seems I’ve been so busy that I’m still fumbling my way through the various legal documents.  Can’t imagine what I’ve been doing that has gotten in the way.

So, yes.  A third installment on User Experience and Testers is in the works.  It will be out shortly.  I also have some notes I am trying to pull together to make another couple of articles that are still a bit cloudy.  So, there is more stuff coming. 

Thanks for reading.