With much thanks to Ben Yaroch and TheASTVideos channel on YouTube, you can now hear some of my talks that were given at CAST 2011 and a presentation on CAST LIVE for 2012.

In 2011, I wa the lead off presenter for the first Emerging Topics track, and I did a talk called “Beyond Being Prepared: What Can The Boy Scouts Teach Testers?” In it, i discusssed some fators that relate to the stages of team development, and how both our leadership style and interaction style can have an effect on those stages. If you were on the Live stream in 2011, you had a chance to hear this. If not, I’d like to help remedy that right now :).

Also, I had the opportunity to present some of what the EdSIG is up to, as well as AST’s involvement in SummerQAmp on CAST LIVE 2012. If you are interested in hearing my take on that, then this is for you as well.

Again, my thanks to Ben Yaroch for posting these and giving me a chance to share them with more people. It’s is greatly appreciated.