The focus/defocus distinction is important in Rapid Software Testing. It encourages the tester to consciously employ both logical reasoning and lateral thinking and to switch between them particularly at those times when one or the other is not productive.

But while reasoning can often be ground out, it’s hard to make intuitive leaps just because you want to, to simply hop out of the rut when you find you’re bogged down, to free your mind from its box, especially when you haven’t realised it’s in a box yet, let alone that it’s shaped like a straightjacket.

So it’s gladdening to find that we’ll soon be able to pop on an electro hat and all our problems will be solved, literally.  I foresee a future where the brainly-enhanced QA staff trample all over the latest build seconds after it’s delivered, booting it back to the Dev team for reworking and gleefully following it with an eruption of bug reports like Mount Etna on Ash Wednesday, all the while casting admiring glances at each other’s millinery.

Hang on a minute… I fear Tomorrow’s World may have arrived already, without the funky headgear.