This is a guest blog entry from Andrii Dzynia. He contacted me a while ago on Testing Dojos, and wanted to run a session in Kyiv, Ukraine on his own. It seems to me they had a great time. This is a translation by Andrii from the Ukraine. You will find the original blog entry on the bottom of this post.

It was great, fun and… well, just cool! Yep, I will write here about the first Testing Dojo in Kyiv, Ukraine.

QA Skills held it, and we were located in one of the Kyiv IT Company – Lohika Systems.

The dojo started with the introduction of the rules and our mission statement. The attendees were going to deal with touring heuristics FCC CUTS VIDS and pass as many of the tours as possible.

Testing Dojo Kyiv – Testing Heuristics

For each bug found the attendees received points to win these prizes.

In 15 minute iterations the teams tested in tours, and logged the issues they could find. It was hard for all to focus on testing and bug reporting to fit into this timeframe while still getting the best results.

But everything went fine and the winner is the Crashers team.

Do you want to know how they did it? These guys were changing their tactics every 15 minutes. First they were working in chaos, then they found out that this was a bad deal and started to do a little test design using mind-maps Also they did experiments with roles and came up with the formula: 2 testers, one observer, one reporter.

Each of the attendees went home with a lot of practical experience working in a test team. Some of them agreed that team work is better as one team and not just with a group of people testing in separate. Exploratory Testing with the heuristics mission helped them to focus and spend time only on the required tasks.

We are very thankful for Markus who answered a lot of questions before organizing this event! And we will repeat this in the near future.

Stay tuned!


1. Original article
2. About Heuristics from Jonathan Kohl

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