I’m delighted that Rob Sabourin, creator of the Just-In-Time Testing class, will be with us during the Rapid Testing Intensive, in July. He’s coming as a student, but you know, we’re ALL students of the craft, so I’m going to put him to work. Big time. We will also have Ajay Balamurugadas onsite. He’s among the most famous of the Indian Context-Driven testers.

As I figured, most of the sign-ups have been for online participation. So far, we have six onsite students, plus my brother and I. I imagine we’ll get a couple more before all is settled, but still– a small group. It’ll be like a team of commandos.

If you want to work shoulder to shoulder with us, getting on-the-job test coaching during five long days, sign up soon. The early bird discount runs out in a few days.