Satisfice, Inc. welcomes my sister Erika Good to our company. She’s our new Director of Marketing and Communication.

Erika is two years older than me. When I first got kicked out of my home, in 1981, I was a freshman in high school. Erika and I would meet each morning (on the mornings I didn’t oversleep or otherwise skip school) in the school library to check in. Later, it was Erika who alerted my father that I had started drinking, which is why I have only been drunk twice in my life– both when I was 15 years old– and why I barely ever drink now. Erika and I have always had a bond. Now she and my wife Lenore will share the burden of keeping me productive when I’m on the road and helping me organize and publish all my stuff.

Erika is quiet, polite, and unassuming (the opposite of me, in other words); a dedicated housewife and mother of two grown boys. She’s also an expert marksman (she competed as a member the Vermont National Guard pistol team— wait, she’s saying it was the rifle team. How did I not know that?),  an artist, an author as well as a private pilot and webmaster, who also helps run her husband’s property business… Geez, I didn’t realize how much she’s done until I had to write that sentence!

One immediate effect she will have is on our long neglected website. She’s already put up the announcement of the Rapid Testing Intensive, and added a video page. She’s helping me create a brand new bibliography and resource list. She’s going to add tags to all the blog entries and get a lot more content published that has been sitting on my hard drive.