My last post was fairly short, well, for me anyway.  This one will be, too.  No more rambling oddities that may, or may not, have anything to do with testing.  Just kind of too the point. 

My last post was on the Call for Participation being open for CAST 2012.  It turns out that the weekend before CAST,  July 14 and 15, there is another learning opportunity – Test Coach Camp.  I’m pretty excited about this. 

Test Coach Camp will be held at the same hotel where CAST will be held. 

Matt Heusser wrote about it here.  The official AST release and Call for Participation can be found here.

These folks said it better than I can. 

If you are interesting in helping testers do their testing better, which is what Test Coaching is all about, right?  Then I suggest you dive in to this.

Its going to be good.