See Lanette Present in Spring 2012


Possible Exciting Things (or I’m hoping to attend or speak at)

  • Agile and Beyond March 10 Dearborn, MI

  • Agile 2012  August 13–17, 2012 Dallas Fort Worth

  • There is a small chance of me coming to Europe this year. *gulp* That is expensive & difficult due to the travel time, lost of sleep, and lodging expenses.

By this time in 2011 I’d been hoping to be writing only in my new, fancy, less spam generating blog. I’m realizing that part of being an independent consultant is to better accept the state of things now while planning for the future. Thus, my blogging sabbatical is officially at an end! I’ve missed it, and to give up the present things that sustain your energy and focus it ALL on the future just isn’t sustainable, especially when the future vision is taking longer than expected to arrive.

Since the fall, I’ve been working hard on a client project. It has given me quite a chance to stretch my skills beyond what I’ve typically done in the past. Some of that stretching is clearly into a more technical type of testing, by using SoapUI to test Web Services before they were completed! That led to me learning that more test coverage on web services are of very little value in my context. I found one unimportant bug. The time I spend creating and running checks for web services helped me learn a new skills, but in retrospect, I wished I knew before starting what I know now. I would have spend all of that time instead finding a way to speed up testing on the areas that are more risky. I will use SoapUI again, but only because it is lovely to have checks in place that I can hand off to a client that is simple to understand, fast to run, and easy to add to.

I’ve also written my first code that turned out good enough that it has been put in production (after review and integration). It’s very exciting! I’m learning some JavaScript when I get the chance to work on my coding skills.

I hope that testing is treating you well! I’m excited to see many of my fellow cohorts in testing out at conferences this spring.