It’s not that I’d ever compare Hiccupps to the Bible, you understand, but, now that I’ve mentioned it, the notion of carving these blogs in stone and tossing them at you from a great height appeals to my inflated notion of my own importance.

Chip, chip, chip, chip … chip. Here you go.

Keep “Tester, verify thyself” in mind when you’re working. This doesn’ t mean you need to get into some recursive eat-your-own-tail cycle of self-doubt. No, you’ll get that elsewhere in your life as a tester, usually just before a major release ships. What it means is that you should make sure you review what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and what the  justification for it is.

Let’s say you’re writing some test automation scripts. You have some valid test data and you write the scripts so that the suite passes. Great. But did you think to modify the test data so that there are some failures? Did you do it for all the test cases? Are you sure that the conditions for success you put into your suite will only be true on success? No? Oh.

We rightly expect high standards from Dev, and we should expect the same from ourselves.