I saw this sign for a sex shop and it made me laugh – well, on a professional level it made me grimace but  on that inner schoolboy level I liked it so much I wrote it on the back of my Maths book. In my best felt pens. With arrows pointing at it.

Whoever commissioned it probably wasn’t joking, which just reinforces the fact that, as QA Hates You likes to say, the least testing you should do is to get someone else to read your copy before you ship it. But, hey, it probably doesn’t matter to the target audience, does it?

But this sign was outside another shop, the one the sex shop is at the back of. And what does the other shop sell? Signs. And the target audience of a sign shop is not interested in having amusing faux pas committed on their signs. The target audience of a sign shop would like to be reassured that the sign shop would inject some quality control on their behalf. That audience might get their sign made somewhere else.

Your audience is not just the target audience, it’s anyone who sees what it is you’ve done and forms an opinion of you because of it.