A twitter conversation from Friday, Oct 21…

@TesterAB Anna Baik: What’s best practice for icecream? I don’t know what flavour of icecream I should eat, and I’m afraid to get it wrong.

  • @skillinen Sylvia Killinen: @TesterAB Test ALL the ice cream, that way you’ll know which one best satisfies conformance. 🙂
  • @adampknight Adam Knight: @TesterAB it’s vanilla, if you’re not eating vanilla you are doing it wrong. I’d suggest getting yourself CVM certified as soon as you can
    • @adampknight  Adam Knight: @sbarber @TesterAB we should be specific. I’ll clarify in my “10 ways to check if you are truly vanilla” blog post #BestIceCreamPractice
    • @sbarber Scott Barber: @adampknight @TesterAB Certified Valuation Manager ™? No, no, no, that’s only appropriate for *children’s* icecream! #BestIceCreamPractice
  • @testingqa Guy Mason: @TesterAB Best to go for that which you most prefer at that point in time?
    • @TesterAB Anna Baik: @testingqa No no no. There must be one flavour of icecream that is best for everybody to eat at all points in time.
    • @TesterAB Anna Baik: @sbarber @testingqa Yes! None of this wishy-washy nonsense, I only want to eat the BEST flavour of icecream. #BestIceCreamPractice
    • @sbarber Scott Barber: @TesterAB @testingqa So chocolate, pistachio, lemon sorbet, raspberry swirl, topped with caramel & orange soda, right? #BestIceCreamPractice
    • @TesterAB Anna Baik: @sbarber @testingqa #BestIceCreamPractice Finally, someone who’ll give me an answer! …wait. How do I know you’re qualified?
    • @sbarber Scott Barber: @TesterAB @testingqa #BestIceCreamPractice I founded a non-profit to establish BICP qualification stds and issued myself a certification.
    • @TesterAB Anna Baik: @sbarber @testingqa #BestIceCreamPractice Sounds reassuring, I knew there’d be an Official Body somewhere to tell me what icecream to eat
    • @sbarber Scott Barber: @TesterAB @testingqa #BestIceCreamPractice The invoice for my services are in the mail. $400/hr + $25,000 for the BICP flavor report.
    • @TesterAB Anna Baik: @sbarber @testingqa Eeek! Don’t I even get something to show to people to prove I now know #BestIceCreamPractice?
    • @sbarber Scott Barber: @TesterAB @testingqa #BestIceCreamPractice when check clears we mail you a Certified BICP Practitioner Certificate (suitable for framing)

Questions?  No? Didn’t think so.  🙂


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