This Week on “This Week in Software Testing” we pick up with Scott Barber, Virginia Reynolds, and Lanette Creamer to talk about test coaching, what coaching is, how it differs from mentoring and training (and we had a varied discussion on that one 🙂 ), and how to do it effectively.

This was an interesting conversation, in the sense that all of us, at some stage or another, offer coaching or mentoring to others. We may not consider it a formal process (and that’s part of the discussion) but even if we don’t formally enter into an agreement, coaching and mentoring is a regular process in our broader community, whether it be through direct methods like Weekend Testing, BBST or Miagi-do, which we discussed in the podcast, to professional consulting gigs where we come in to work directly with individuals and teams. We also need to look at LinkedIn, the Software Testing Club, Twitter and other avenues that help connect testers to other testers and encourage them to improve their sills and up their game.

Anyway, if you don’t want to hear me keep talking about it, feel free to go listen to Episode #67 for yourself :).