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Its been a long time I am reading & referring to Software Testing and other IT magazines in both online and printed formats. I think it would be a good idea if I share this with others. The reason is just not that others will benefit from it; but also that I may get some more names of magazines or other useful resources. 

I mostly recommend getting membership of a professional group like Association for Software Testing or Computer Societies of your country. This not only keeps you in touch with other IT professionals, but also create more job & business opportunities.

1. Better software magazine: A publication from SQE group, who are better know for their site stickyminds.com  

2. Testing experience: As they call it, ‘A magazine fro professional testers”, you can find some very good articles in them.

3. Software Quality Professional magazine: This magazine is published by American Society of Quality. It has various references to articles and papers.

4. Software Test and Performance Magazine: Published by BZ Media, this magazine focuses on Testing & Performance Testing. One can also download articles & white papers from here.

5. Quality Matters: They mention on their website that “Quality Matters is the first magazine in the area of Software Testing and Software Quality based in South East Europe.” 

6. Professional Tester: An English-language quarterly magazine targeting professional testers of software worldwide. Offers online articles, jobs, information about testing companies and event calendar.

7. T.E.S.T. Magazine: Available in both print & digital formats, it is a good magazine to read about testing.

8. Quality Magazine: There is a lot available in this magazine, provided you try to look.

There are many more magazines available for testers. But as I said, I am sharing only those which I normally check out. Apart from these, there is one more that I refer to and that is TechRepublic, as it keeps me connected to the other world of IT.