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 My earlier blog on SQABlogs.com was named ‘Testing in Dark Ages”.  
Heh! Just today someone asked me why I named my blog ‘Testing in Dark Ages”, while there was no testing existed in the dark ages. I think she is wrong. Testing was always there, even when humans were not eveolved and were either in the form of a fish or evolved as an ape. (well, if you do not agree with the ape theory, I can’t help it. I cannot convince anyone on this topic.). 
You may ask me how we tested as a fish or as an ape. It’s simple, testing is a form of observation. Or, in other words, we can say that testing is observing. As humans, we observe things using our five senses and indirectly by using our brains. 
As a software tester, we use mathematical calculations, testing theories, matrices and various methods to test a program or to observe whether that program is working fine or not. We also use automation tools and write scripts to make sure our observations are correct. So, while in dark ages, they might have used their senses for observing things. And this observation was testing. 
This is what that convinced me that testing was always there, even in dark ages…that’s why my blog is called “Testing in Dark Ages”. 
Last, but not the least, I believe man started using tools in stone age, possibly that was the time he became a developer. 🙂