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Here are the excerpt of a discussion between a Test Manager (TM) and his subordinate (TE):

TM: So, you have been in testing field for last many years?

TE: Yes. More than four years.

TM: Good. Do you read books on testing?

TE: Why?

TM: To get testing knowledge?

TE: Well, I think I’ve got enough testing knowledge by working in this field.

TM: Ummm, do you have a formal education or training in software testing?

TE: No. But I read a chapter on Software Testing during my graduation.

TM: Don’t you think one should have formal training or education on testing? Or, that one should read at least 
some well recognized testing books?

TE: (smiles and leaves).

…and the question on formal software testing education remains unanswered.

Let me tell you that this discussion was not hypothetical. Testing education is still considered as a non-essential item by the academics and the indsutry. Except from CSTER, which had support from Florida Tech, I never heard of any other institute having testing in their course curriculum. Please correct me if I am wrong. 

You may refer me to some of the companies which provide software testing trainings and certifications. Do you think those are dedicated to training & education, or they are doing it for making profits? I am not against making money, but the objective of education simply gets lost as soon as you focus on money matters.

Software Testing is a prominent field these days and in my opinion, we must seriously look at the need of proper education in this area too. For any computer science course, along with software programming, software testing should be added as subjects. Testing Courses must be designed at various levels. And this can happen only when industry starts asking for such people.