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Last week I attended a three day training on ITIL v3 foundation. The objective was to understand what Service Management is. We had a great trainer in Perry, who knew his stuff well and also knew how to teach grown ups.

The first thing the old man mentioned was that there were some children in the class. When we looked at each other, he added that he would like to see more children in the class and that whether we could bring out the child within. Anyways, the point was, it is easier to teach kids as they do not bring biases, pre-formed views and arguments in the class. I agree with him that there is a child in all of us. (I honestly do not mean that we all are pregnant! heh! Just kidding!)

While we were discussing all this, a thought was running into my mind. Is customer King or Kid?

As customers, we show tantrums, we ask many questions, sometime silly ones too; sometimes we look at things blankly, we have expectations & demands and we want attention. Isn’t it? Isn’t this behaviour the similar behaviour kids show? As vendors, we listen to customers’ demands. We are supposed to listen to them to keep them happy. Isn’t it the same behaviour we display with kids and vice versa?

BTW, I honestly believe that kids are kings because you tend to obey what they demand (not always, though!). And then, when they become nasty, we get upset and try to resolve the situation either by talking to them or by getting angry on them. Hah! That’s one thing you may not want to do with the customer. However, I am somewhat convinced that the customer is kid!