So I first want to say that I had a great weekend talking with an collaborating with the group of testers and participants that are part of the Association for Software Testing’s Board of Directors. They are a committed group of people, and I am happy to be counted among them. I also see that we really have our work cut out for us, but again, that’s not really the point of this.

As I got to the airport, I thought “hmmm, there was a bunch of weirdness when I took off the boot cast after going through the gate. I’ll just make it simple this time and take it of before I go through”. Which I did. ran my bag and all of my systems through (they actually commented in Madison that it was unusual to see someone traveling with two laptops… I really am starting to think I’m somewhat weird for doing that, maybe it is time to consolidate to one, but anyway. As I hobbled up to the metal detector, I walked through… and nothing. Apparently, that chunk of titanium in me is not significant enough to set of the detector. the boot cast? Definitely! Maybe they know this, maybe they don’t. Maybe their scanners are set so that they don’t ring on titanium. I honestly don’t know, but this time I did not get the special advanced screening, just put on my cast and walk away.

Isn’t life an the things around you just so much more entertaining when you are a tester (LOL!)?