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How does a TCoE help or contribute to the parent organization?
Testing CoEs are consisting of testing experts from various domains, various technologies and various methodologies. With a common pool of professionals and master of their respective fields, parent organization finds is easier to take up n-number of assignments. It becomes easier for Sales organization to respond to prospective clients’ questions. This common pool of people also strengthens the saleability (I am not sure if this word exists in English language) of organization’s offerings to the clients, which, in turn, results in a good return on the Investment made on keeping the pool of experts. 

How does a TCoE help or contribute to the client organization?
Since TCoE is a group of skilled people in respective technologies, domains, Business area and carry a lot of experience collectively; they bring success to client they serve and also bring continuous improvement to their processes.
Also, a TCoE can provide all kind of testing solutions and services to the clients who may be getting services from multiple clients. Now, since only one vendor is providing all services, this also brings in more operational effectiveness and efficiency.
Further, this single group becomes responsible for the overall success of the venture and because they belong to a group, they have better coordination among them; which, eventually results in saving on time and money.

The expertise a TCoE brings along, also helps & motivates them to look for more innovative ideas to serve to all testing requirements of their customers.

There is no doubt that a Testing Center of Excellence is a focused group of skilled individuals who increase the efficiency and profitability of their parent organization and also bring multiple benefits to client organizations.