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I made it mandatory for most of the projects to self-review the test cases one is writing (most of, because processes must not be cast in stone; as a tester one is expected to be pragmatic & context driven). Even though peer review was in process, we embraced this practice to make sure we do not get review defects. It was a good decision and we could ward off major defects due to this. I would like to thank Rex Black as he is the one who always encouraged use of checklists. 

The checklist is pasted below. It is not a copyright or IP material. You may use it or edit it the way you want. After all, it was created in MS Excel.

Self Review Checklist
Spell Check was run
Test Status updated
Document Control section properly filled
Requirement ID is filled against each Test Case
Test Case ID column is properly numbered
Page Set
up has been checked using Zoom option:
– Page Margins are set to adjust the text
– Filled sections are bordered in ‘Black’ color
– Row & Column spacing is justified
Fonts Consistent
Metrics sheet is reflecting the actual number, if not update the sheet consulting TL
Test cases which are changed / modified in particular version are changed to ‘Light Blue’ font color
Test cases with pending queries are highlighted with ‘Gold’ highlighter
Prerequisites are filled wherever applicable
Navigations are specified if present in the requirement document
Test Data is filled wherever applicable.