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ATQ Certification and brains

I was looking at Joe’s blog and after much consideration and courage gathering, I decided to take it up.


I passed his tough certification exam with 38 correct answers out of 40. I sent Joe an email providing my score and telling him that it proved I had brains. This made me remember an incident I would like to share.
Couple of years back, I started having bad, bad throbbing headaches which were intolerable to me. One day, I had to rush to emergency and needed to get an MRI of brain and spine done.
The neurologist, who I was consulting, looked at the MRI reports and said, “This is related to your spine. Because of bad posture, spine has developed some problem and is sending pain signals to your brain.”
I asked, “Is everything okay with the brain?”
The neurologist sa
id sincerely,”Yes. And the report confirms that you do have a brain.” 
 And Joe’s ATQ certification proved once again I have one. 🙂