This is my first post at and unfortunately the message is that I can no longer access my blog at because that site is not available in China and Hong Kong. I have been in Hong Kong for 14 months now and where all those months gone, I don’t know. It was over one year of my life and I spent most of it at work. Not good!

So; this is now I have decided to take control and do what I enjoy. I requested the Sqablogs site admin to send me the old blog posts so that I can share them here. Why not, that’s my IP, isn’t it? I heard you saying yes. Thanks!

You will seeing some action here soon. Slow, but it will be there. This is what Kaizen teaches you. Take small steps, take ridiculously small steps and you will be there, guaranteed.

It’s time to bed now, already midnight. I will see ya all later. ‘night.