“More so now than ever before, your company’s website and web applications are critical to the success of your business initiatives. Think of all the business generated or sustained via the World Wide Web today compared to any other time in history — in today’s digital culture, a business with any sort of crucial web presence needs to make sure that its website is working hard for the business and not against it. That’s what web load testing is all about.

“Key to success on the web is customer experience, which means that web application performance is a priority. Not convinced? Spend a few moments thinking about the impact to your business (in other words, think about how angry the CEO and/or investors would be) if:
  ✓ Your new application launch is delayed due to performance problems
  ✓ Your site breaks under the load of your successful marketing promotion
  ✓ High-traffic volume causes such poor web performance on your busiest online shopping day that abandonment skyrockets and conversions plummet
  ✓ Your new infrastructure is configured improperly, grinding the website to a crawl

“Managers and executives of organizations that derive significant portions of their revenue from web applications realize that they need to focus more on protecting revenue, reducing risk, and ensuring that customers have great experiences. They see how web applications that perform well on release day and throughout their production lives strengthen the company’s brand and reputation, creating customer loyalty. In other words, web load testing is a critical component to any risk management plan for web applications.”

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Scott Barber
Chief Technologist, PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Co-Author, Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications
Author, Web Load Testing for Dummies
Contributing Author, Beautiful Testing, and How To Reduce the Cost of Testing

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