Rapid Testing Management in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I will be teaching a public Rapid Testing Management class in Sweden on November 10th-11th. I don’t teach this class often, because it requires that you have already taken the Rapid Software Testing course, first. If you have taken Rapid Software Testing (either from me or Michael Bolton), and you want to run a team of rapid testers, you should consider signing up.

Rapid Testing in Warsaw, Poland.

Yes, a public class in Poland, for the first time. It’s official: April 2-4 in Warsaw. It’s being arranged by Krystian Kaczor.

Rapid Testing in Romania.

The schedule and arrangements are not exactly set, but we have an agreement for me to teach a public class in either Bucharest or Cluj-Napoca at the end of March, 2012. Alex Rotaru is arranging that one.

Rapid Software Testing Practicum in the USA.

My wife, Lenore, has asked me to stay closer to home at least ONCE next year. So I will be leading a special public class on my home island of Orcas, next summer. This will be a Rapid Testing Practicum– an opportunity to practice Rapid Testing with me. Like a camp, I guess. (It would be worthwhile to have taken the RST course, but that will not be required.) We will work together to test a product rapidly and professionally, over several days. I’m thinking of running this as a combination class, with a limited number of participants joining me on Orcas, while others participate to a lesser degree, online, at a much reduced cost.

This has not been done before. It could be a wonderful opportunity to gather solid Rapid Testing experience. I’m thinking I will charge $2,500 for live participants, and $250 for online participants (not counting travel and lodging).

And for what it’s worth, Orcas Island is lovely…

UPDATE: The practicum, which we will call the Bach Rapid Testing Intensive, will take place at Rosario Resort, July 23-27, 2012. I’m creating a registration and information page for it, now….