In July I blogged about being nominated for a position on the Board of Directors for the Association for Software Testing.  You can find more on AST at the website.  Its a cool group made up of interesting people. 

So last week we got together and talked via Skype.  It was half-jokingly referred to as a “debate” but it was less debate and more people talking about what they are interested in.  (Come to think of it, there was a good deal of information shared and straight-forward answers given than in the pretend-political debates in the US the last several election cycles.)

In the course of the “ramp-up” some of us sent messages via twitter on what would be happening.  That was picked up by a couple of other folks who asked if there would be a Q&A session via twitter.  So, why not?  We ran it by some other folks and picked a day and time…

So the DAY is TODAY!  The First of August – 9:00 to 10:00 PM Eastern Time (yeah, I know, very US centric but its when those of us on twitter are available…)  If you are interested in the AST and the elections, and want to participate in the town hall meeting on twitter, just follow the hashtag #ASTElect. 

More information on the “almost debate” and the Twitter Town-Hall-Meeting will be available here