Recently the Association for Software Testing (AST) announced it’s 2011 slot of candidates for the board of directors. Vote for Matt, get free stuff!

Well, actually … sorta. I’ve published a few articles lately that you might be interested in, and they are all here:
* Esther Derby gave a keynote at the second ever Conference for the AST, in 2007. This year Esther is speaking at the Agile Conference on tools for managers, and I recently interviewed her on that subject for SearchSoftwareQuality — Part I and Part II of her interviews just went public.
* Speaking of SearchSoftwareQuality, they just ran my interview with Jeff Sutherland on his Agile 2011 talk on Scrum in Sales.
* continues my series on the Skeptics Guide to Project Management – with Part Two and Part Three. (Missed part one? Here you go.)
* Speaking of, they just ran my interview with Corey Haines
Other news — if you are coming to CAST 2011 in Seattle, and getting in early Sunday, and don’t want to eat dinner alone, well … do you like Thai food?
The Rebel Alliance is organizing a dinner Sunday night. Drop me an email ( to get on the invite list.
See you in Seattle, and (I sure hope) vote for Matt!
If you want to vote, and not for Matt, please drop me an email and give me a chance to earn your vote.
Look, I’m not a political type. I don’t know how to do this stuff.
But that earning your vote stuff? I am completely serious.