I’m sitting here in my playroom at home and thought I would write a quick post on some different things.

New Hardware
I just got a new laptop today at work. It’s pretty sweet (Lenovo W520). I’ve been using a computer that’s pretty much a netbook for the past few years but I told my boss that I’d like my next computer to be suitable for doing development on and now I have one.

Channel 9 Shows
I haven’t been up on Channel9 for a while but tonight I took a look up there and, boy, they have a lot of different shows up there now. I’m currently listening to The Voice of Support which is an interesting Podcast. (I started at Microsoft in Developer Support for Visual C++ back in 1994.) There’s a number of other interesting looking shows to check out as well. I don’t see anything up there that’s tester specific and I wonder if it would be interesting to folks to have a show featuring testing folks at Microsoft. Maybe more thoughts on that in future posts.

SQL Server Prerelease forums
Now that Denali CTP3 is released we’re expecting more traffic on our forums. The public ones related to Analysis Services are:

SQL Server “Denali” Analysis Services (Pre-Release)
SQL Server “Denali” PowerPivot for Excel (Pre-Release)
SQL Server “Denali” PowerPivot for SharePoint (Pre-Release)

That’s it for now…