Another thing on my plate right now is co-authoring a book. There was an interesting history to this one. It started when I joined the Analysis Services team a few years ago. One of the books that I used to get up to speed on the technology was Professional SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 with MDX. I gave one of the authors (who at the time was also a test lead on the team) some feedback on the book. Apparently he appreciated the feedback because when it came time to update the book for the 2008 release of SQL Server 2008, that author invited me to be one of the primary technical reviewers for that version of the book. I agreed and it was a hard work but a great experience. Now, for the upcoming release of the next version of the book (and Analysis Services) I have been invited to be a co-author. I consider co-authoring a book to be another great opportunity and one that a few years ago I didn’t really think of myself doing. And it all started from proactively giving feedback in an attempt to improve something.