I’m typing this post on a computer that I’m in the process of repaving. The particular repaving step that I’m going through it installing Visual Studio 2010. That should take a while and I’m just waiting for it to be done. I wouldn’t have to be installing a new operating system if, when I installed Visual Studio and told it to put its files on a different disk it would actually put most of the files on that disk. My current C: drive is close to being full but I have huge amounts of space on D: and E:. However, when I start the VS2010 installation program and tell it to install VS on my D: drive, only 1.8 GB of files will go on D: but 5.8 GB of files still want to be installed on C:. Sigh.. So I’m installing a new copy of the OS on E: (which has over 100 GB of free space) so I can install VS2010 on this computer.

Anyway, I probably won’t be here for the whole VS2010 install since it’s 8:40pm on a Friday night and I really want to get out of here before 9:00pm.

One thing I did want to mention in this post (the first of FY2012) is that I tried something new with my test team this week. I scheduled a brown bag for us as a team to watch one of the BBST videos. This is in line with one of my goals this upcoming year – to help my team increase their testing skill. The brown bag went well and I will try to have one of these per week. Feedback from team members that gave me feedback was that they felt it was valuable. I’m hoping it will continue to be so. I’m also thinking about other ways we can get better as a team in the area of testing.

BTW, for some reason, WordPress thinks that this post was created on 7/2/2011. I assure you today is still only July first.