As of last week, I’ve started a general IT blog for the folks at ITKnowledgeExchange.

I’ll be writing about the cutting edge of IT applications — Web Services, Software As a Service, Cloud Technologies, and other “hard” topics in technology … along with the consequences and people issues of those “hard” technologies.

While I expect that many Creative Chaos readers will be interested in this, I don’t know if you all will. If you want to read that blog, you can subscribe to it’s RSS Feed, or pay attention to my posts on twitter — I’ll try to keep the posts here to major announcements.

Speaking of which, it’s been two weeks, and I’ve got four posts up:

* Navigating the Waters Introduced the blog and what I’ll be trying to do.
* On Cloud Adoption described the two classic attitudes toward the cloud, ‘We gotta get this cloud stuffs now’ and ‘Forgetaboutit’ and how to deal with them
* Your First Public Cloud – Part I Describes how to create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) person account – where you’ll get 750 CPU hours free — and also how to set up your first Amazon EC2 instance.
* Part II went on to describe how to connect to that instance with Remote Desktop, what you actually get on the server, and how to shut it down

Whew. And there’s more …

On Monday, published my first article for them “Five Ways to Live Below Your Means”, and more …

Starting July 5th I’ll be on assignment in North Central Indiana, working a full week but available for user groups and possibly writing at night.

Interesting times … and more to come.