I’m so excited to report that I’m headed to California next week. I’ll be speaking at Mozilla, and they have kindly invited others to join, both in person or online!

Details at http://quality.mozilla.org/events/2011/06/07/join-us-for-a-testing-talk-with-lanette-creamer-on-june-14/

June 14th at High Noon Pacific Time there will be live streaming at air.mozilla.com!

The first time I presented this topic it was based on an overview of Testing for the User Experience white paper which won best paper at PNSQC 2008. Since then I’ve also written an article, 10 tips to encourage collaborative testing, and shared a lightening talk to StarEast 2009 on cat collaboration. Well, you may think you’ve heard what I had to say on Collaboration before, but alas, you’d be mistaken! This is the super fast overview along with the sequel (not to be confused with the SQL). What in the world has happened with my collaboration efforts since? What about collaboration when the developers weren’t even at the some company? What about when our testing “team” was a team of 1? Did I collaborate with myself? Let’s just say that I had to alter my ideas on collaboration in order to get any testing done. Even if you’ve heard me present on collaboration before, you’ll get some new ideas, hear some updates, and there will be cats.

Stardust says, “You’d be silly to miss it! I’m out of the shelter and spoiled rotten due to cat collaboration.”