EuroSTAR is hosting a full week of free webinars from May 23rd to 26th. I am excited to be part of their program presenting my Leading Business Testers webinar on May 24th. The full webinar schedule is a follows:

Webinar Week Schedule

  • Mon 23rd – 7am: ‘Lessons Learned From Being A Casualty Simulation Victim’ Natalie van Delft
  • Tues 24th – 7am: ‘Leading Business Testers’ Nancy Kelln
  • Wed 25th – 3am: ‘Weekend Testing Facilitation’ Ajay Balamurugadas
  • Thur 26th – 3am: ‘Agile Test Management’ Fran O’Hara
  • Fri     27th – 4am: Friday Fun…for one day only! A special screening of The Supertesters: A Slightly True Story – for anyone who has registered for the above webinars!

Note: All times are Mountain Standard Time (MST)

If you are interested in attending any of the week’s webinars, please register here. You can also find an archive of past webinars on the EuroSTAR website at

Hope to see you there!