My six-year-old daughter, Rachel, likes to go for walks in the woods. To be specific, she likes adventures. Given a choice between a nice, clean, well-maintained trail and the brush and brambles, she will pick the hardy woods every time. It seems that, to her, adventures must be hard, must be challenging. To her, In some way, it seems almost morally superior to take the hard path.

You probably guessed it by now. Socialtext had a restructuring and reduction in force. As of May 3rd, I will be at liberty to take on new assignments. I am open to different kinds of engagements, from contracting and consulting to yes, the possibility of full-time employment. (The best way to reach me is probably by email:

I’ve spent the past three years working in West Michigan for a company based in the Bay Area. I believe we have proven the remote model, but I’m still open to travel for short-term contracts. Especially Chicago, Indianapolis, or Detroit, which I might consider for longer-term contracts.

It’s been a great run at Socialtext. Three wonderful years. Those who know me well also know how much I value being consistent; the Matt Heusser you see in private is the same one you see in public. That means that the things I said in public were true. It was a great working environment, and wonderful team, and, perhaps most importantly, I was really proud to help make a good product people can actually use.

I didn’t mind spending time on the clean, nice, well-maintained trail. Still, all the while, in the back of my mind, I was aware of a little bit of risk, and yes, it’s happened — time and circumstance have forced me on the brambles.

That’s okay.

I suspect it’s time for an adventure.