Best Things
have a new perspective on what is possible with automating acceptance
tests for Agile stories because I’ve seen it working better than I
believed teams could achieve! I’m inspired.

Seeing some very good
testers finding some new bugs and becoming even better at working with
their developers is the most rewarding part of coaching so far.

bug was found that went undetected for a decade because of a tester
learning new exploratory testing techniques! It’s talent she had all
along, but now it is set free!

Got to work with a developer that I
admire to troubleshoot an issue that was important to a client, and
made a major breakthrough on it in just a few hours.

I had no
idea how friendly, open, and kind people were in the middle of the
country. It sounds odd to say, but in Seattle, people don’t often invite
me over, or offer to have lunch, or greet a new person and go out of
their way to show them around. The fact that it isn’t just one or two
people, but most of the people I’ve had the honor of working with makes
me want to do my best work for them even more than I already did.

Worst Things
in an open space, I’ve learned that I need to be a bit more careful.
I’m loud, enthusiastic, and I have distracted people on accident,
slowing their progress at times. Enthusiasm can be good, but breaking
someone elses flow or distracting them unintentionally isn’t.

is an unfounded fear that some testers are dealing with that I’d like
to see wiped away. Code should not be used to confuse, belittle, or
intimidate anyone. I assume (sometimes wrongly), that testers have
understanding of programming concepts, when in reality, our experience
and comfort level varies. I’m proud to say that I’m working on material
for a quick class on Object Oriented Programming Basics for Testers. One
of the testers on my team is going to collaborate with me make it
stronger and present it with me for any testers who want to come learn
or review.

I’ve learned that I’m limited. I tend to get excited
and think that because I want to do something, that I can go on forever
without free time, sleep, or time to care for myself. As a result, I’ve
been in worse health the last month. I’ve literally fell asleep onto my
laptop twice. I’m growing, but I know it is possible to learn and grow
without self-abuse. I just haven’t found that balance yet. I suppose I
had to test myself to know what the limit was.