BBST Foundations Class: April 3 – April 30, 2011

There is still time to join our upcoming BBST Foundations class, starting April 3rd. Below is a short summary of what you will learn during this 4 week course. When you are ready to sign up for this class click the link below next to the date you want to attend to reserve your seat.

If you can’t attend the April class we will be offering Foundations several times in the coming year. You may register for a future class at any time, however classes are starting to fill so register early to guarantee your seat.

Apr. 3 – Apr. 30 – Register Here
Cost: Free (for members)

About Foundations

This first course is a basic introduction to black box testing. It presents basic terminology and considers:

  • the mission of testing
  • the oracle problem
  • the measurement problem
  • the impossibility of complete testing

This course is a prerequisite for all later AST Black Box Software Testing courses. The next one in the series considers Bug Advocacy.

Each AST course includes video lectures, quizzes, homework of various kinds, and a final exam. All of the homework, and the exam, are peer-reviewed. Every participant in the course reviews work submitted by other participants and provides feedback and suggests grades.

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