Sunday & Monday, May 1-2, 2011
Co-located with the STAREast 2011 Conference
Orlando, FL


Both complex financial systems and the talent needed to test them have grown to span the globe. This leads to unprecedented management and technical problems to test system quality. Beyond a discussion about managing offshore test groups, we are interested in exploring how distributed test teams help (or hinder) the testing of software that support global financial markets.

If you have experiences to share about any of the following, we’d like to hear from you:

  • Testing of financial systems such as:
    • International trading or banking systems
    • Foreign eXchange/Currency conversion systems
    • International money transfer systems
    • Global securities pricing, investment modeling, and risk analysis
  • Dealing with timezone issues: Both a software problem, and a management problem
  • End of Day processing: When is it? Where is it?
  • Managing or working on a distributed test team
  • Exploratory testing/Peer testing in a distributed environment
  • Global test automation
  • Cultural dimensions and working with stakeholders of different cultural backgrounds
  • Technologies to aid remote testing, remote test management, and team communication

Please contact Bernie Berger ( identifying yourself, your background, what you would like to present, how long the presentation will take, any special equipment needs, and what written materials you will provide. Along with traditional presentations, we are willing to consider proposed activities and interactive demonstrations.


Please send a message to Bernie Berger ( that describes your background and your interest in our theme as well as testing financial software.

Anyone who attends STiFS is welcome to write papers or give presentations that summarize and/or extend the work done at STiFS. As a condition of attending, you grant other attendees the right to use, with appropriate attribution, the work you do or present at STiFS in their courses, papers or presentations.

NEW: STiFS #8 is the first time STiFS is taking place outside of New York City. AST and STiFS are grateful to SQE for providing facilities at the STAREast conference center in Orlando FL. The exact location and travel directions will be announced to the participants upon acceptance.

For further information about the workshop, please contact Bernie Berger at

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